Pharmabiotics Young

Investigators Award

€10,000 Award for Young Microbiome Researchers


The Pharmabiotics Young Investigator Awards 2018 is a co-initiative between Institut Mérieux and the Pharmabiotic Research Institute in which an award of €10,000 is granted to a young clinician or academic working within the field of Microbiotic Medicinal Products.

Finalists Announced:


Sylvie Miquel



Beneficial Bacteria as an Innovative Strategy to Impair Klebsiella Pneumoniae Infections by Modulating the Gut-Lung Axis.


Laure Bindels

Université Catholique de Louvain


Gut Microbiota as a Therapeutic Target in Cancer Cachexia

Megan Rossi

King's College London


Faecal Volatile Organic Compounds as Predictors of Response to Dietary Interventions in IBS


Evaluation Committee

Siobhain O'Mahony

Principal Investigator


Department of Anatomy

& Neuroscience


University College Cork

Ana Palmeira de Oliveira

Principal Investigator


Research Centre of

Health Sciences (CICS)


Universidade da Beira Interior

Sarah Lebeer



Department of Bioengineering


University of Antwerp

Christophe Lacroix



Department of Health

Sciences and Technology


ETH Zurich

Pascal Ferre



Faculty of Medicine



Sorbonne Université

Startup Pitch Slam

Pitching Opportunity for Biotechs & Entrepreneurs

10+ Pitches

showcasing the latest innovations



Presentations followed by Q&A



scientific & business experts



to commercialize

your research

Early stage start-ups, spin-offs, academics and entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to present their innovative microbiome products, services and research to the International Microbiome community within the main Pharmabiotics 2018 conference programme.

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Pitching Companies:

MatriSys Bioscience


A skin microbiome company founded in 2015 to commercialize the skin microbiome discoveries of Richard Gallo of UCSD. Our natural beneficial microbes make peptides that kill pathogens like Staph. aureus and even MRSA.

SkinBioTherapeutics plc


SkinBioTherapeutics plc is harnessing the power of the microbiome to create innovative new therapies for skin in health and disease. Our proprietary technology 'Skinbiotix' is a lysate of a probiotic bacterium with the capacity to enhance the skins barrier, inhibit pathogens and accelerate wound healing. The company is focusing on three applications: a cosmetic, an anti-infective and a treatment for eczema.

Xeno Biosciences


Xeno Biosciences is leveraging nascent bariatric surgery microbiome science to develop XEN-101. Based on this science, we have proposed the “air hypothesis” as a mechanism to explain the profound weight loss and the associated microbiome shifts observed after gastric bypass surgery. We created XEN-101, a first-in-class, oral anti-obesity medicine. XEN-101 has preclinical and clinical pilot efficacy data, demonstrating substantial weight loss and corresponding shifts in the gut microbiome. Xeno is currently in early development preparing for Phase I studies.


PharmaBiome AG


PharmaBiome is specialized in the isolation, characterization and technology of novel intestinal microbes. Our unique technology platform optimizes the lean and efficient development and production of defined, function-based microbiome therapies to treat intestinal diseases. PharmaBiome’s proprietary development pipeline allows a fast translation from the identification of mode of action to a product ready for clinics, using tailored, ecologically sound bacterial mixtures. The scalability of our technology enables an efficient access to new markets addressing the increasing burden of microbiome-related diseases. Using the entire diversity of the gut microbiome, we will deliver the next generation of bio-therapeutics.