Pharmabiotics Young

Investigators Award

€10,000 Award for Young Microbiome Researchers


The Pharmabiotics Young Investigator Awards 2018 is a co-initiative between Institut Mérieux and the Pharmabiotic Research Institute in which an award of €10,000 is granted to a young clinician or academic working within the field of Microbiotic Medicinal Products.

Application Time-line

Submit your research project based on the criteria

Deadline for Submission

is 12 January 2018

Evaluation Committee selects top 3 finalists

Finalists present their research and the Winner is awarded at Pharmabiotics 2018 Conference & Partnering


  • Only applications representing recent original research published within 2016/ 2017 related to the influence of microbiota on health, as well as research on analytical tools, on therapeutic potential, on mechanisms and on pre-clinical and clinical efficacy in the treatment or prevention of microbiota-related pathologies will be accepted.


  • Applicants should have less than 15 years of clinical practice experience or less than 10 years of working experience in the related field after their postgraduate qualification.


  • Applicants should serve in a hospital or in a relevant academic/ research institution on a full time basis and currently doing research or planning future research within the field.

Evaluation Committee

Siobhain O'Mahony

Principal Investigator


Department of Anatomy

& Neuroscience


University College Cork

Ana Palmeira de Oliveira

Principal Investigator


Research Centre of

Health Sciences (CICS)


Universidade da Beira Interior

Sarah Lebeer



Department of Bioengineering


University of Antwerp

Christophe Lacroix



Department of Health

Sciences and Technology


ETH Zurich

Pascal Ferre



Faculty of Medicine



Sorbonne Université

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