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Conference Sessions

Understanding the Microbiota



Identifying Biomarkers



Regulatory Affairs



Taxonomic Thunderclouds





Skin: A New Target for Microbiota Interventions
Bioinformatic Challenges in Microbiome Analyses
Innovation Showcase
Classifying the Microbiota
Identifying Biomarkers
Regulatory Affairs

Bioinformatic Challenges in Microbiome Analyses



Skin: A New Target for Microbiota Interventions



Developing Live Biotherapeutic Products



Innovation Showcase

Speakers & Chairs

Yolanda Sanz



Manimozhiyan Arumugam Associate Professor

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Travis Whitfill

Co-Founder & CSO

Azitra Inc

Sin-Hyeog Im



Holger Brüggemann Associate Professor

AARHUS University

Adrien Nivoliez


Biose Industrie

Giovanna Felis

Associate Professor University of Verona

Paul Cotter

Prinicpal Investigator

APC Microbiome Institute

Yves Henrotin


University of Liège

Pernille Myers

Bioinformatics Specialist Clinical Microbiomics

Magali Cordaillat-Simmons Executive Scientist


Bruno Pot



Sarah Hemmasi

Research Associate

Zymo Research

Katia Merten-Lentz


Keller and Heckman LLP

Marco Ventura


University of Parma

Colette Short

Johnson & Johnson

Ségolène Caboche

Bioinformatics Researcher

Université de Lille

Nadiya Boyko


Uzhhorod National University

Call for Abstracts

Pharmabiotics 2018 focuses on the science and business of new research and technologies for treating diseases and sustaining health via the Human Microbiota.


If you are an expert in the field, either from Academia or Industry and have research to present (verbal or poster), we would like to hear from you!


Please complete the form on the right, following the specified guidelines:



Abstract Submission Guidelines


General Criteria


Only abstracts on recent original research related to the influence of the microbiota, as well as the analytical tools, therapeutic potential, mechanisms of action, pre-clinical and clinical efficacy in the treatment or prevention of pathologies will be accepted.



Abstract Format


Language English


Length Up to 300 words are accepted. Abstracts cannot include tables or figures.


Only standardized abbreviations will be allowed. Any abbreviation should be explained in brackets the first time it appears in the text.


Selection will be carried out on the basis of overall quality of the abstract and special interest by the scientific committee. Abstract acceptance or rejection will be notified by e-mail along with presentation criteria and other details.


The scientific committee reserves the rights to reject proposals that are beyond the scope of the conference.


Submissions imply the intent of at least one author to register, attend the conference and present the study. The author has to be registered before January 31st 2018.




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